Do you want to learn how to write better?

Professional writers and editors carefully choose words, and articles are written with structure in mind.  Furthermore, effective composition varies based on audience; writers appeal to readers of newspapers or magazines differently from readers of blogs.

The Complete Guide to Article Writing explores journalism theory and research in order to help the reader attain a better understanding of the field.  The book is filled with insightful interviews from leading journalists and scholars.  Moreover, The Complete Guide to Article Writing employs a multidisciplinary approach when teaching journalism, and, when relevant, the reader is delighted with correlates from psychology, medicine, finance and more.

The Complete Guide to Article Writing is intended for writers at all levels from the journalism student to the established journalist.  After reading the book, you’ll better understand the following:

  • tenets of style such as punctuation, syntax and word usage;
  • the history of newspaper and magazine journalism;
  • the values that many journalists hold dear;
  • how to write and structure news articles, feature articles, opinion pieces and blog postings;
  • best practices when writing for the Web;
  • how to develop and pitch ideas to editors;
  • how to build and further your platform and social media presence;
  • and much more!

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